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Steven Lee Dias Morais

UI/UX Designer, studying at NHTV University of Applied Sciences.

Latest Work

Da Vinci's Workshop

Da Vinci's Workshop

Currently still in progress
Role: Designed and worked on the menu/in-game UI/UX, Designed the lore and narrative

An experimental collaboration project between Ubisoft and NHTV to create a game based on their existing IP in VR. There are no plans for commercial release.

Bomb Voyage

Winner of Best NHTV Gamelab Game 2015
Finished; June 2015
Role: Designed in-game UI, Designed puzzles, Filmed and edited the trailer

A puzzle game where players have to place bombs to produce destruction chain reactions and save their kingdom.


Date of release: 1 February 2016
Role: Produced the game, Designed in-game UI, Designed bgm 

An escape room game created in 48 hours during 2016's Global Game Jam.

Mech Simulator

Finished: April 2016
Role: Designed the UX, Created and edited SFX

Operate gigantic mechs and destroy the aliens threatening your home. Move around in an actual Gundam-like robot!

Grandma Decibelle

Finished: February 2014
Role: Aquired music tracks, Level design

A shooter-based game where players have to adjust offset and amplitude of sound waves to silence their loud neighbours.

Audiovisual Editing

All work on personal products not game related.

Software Experience