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Mech Simulator

About the Project

Mech Simulator was a VR project that focusses on full player immersion while they are piloting a gigantic mech. It was controlled with an Oculus DK2, Razor Hydras and even flight pedals. Using this setup the player had to manually look, walk and shoot through hordes of alien hostiles.

Audio Design

For creating this game I was solely responsible with creating the entire audio design for the game. All sound effects were created manually.

Our Team

  • Hielke van Buren
  • Sander Hageman
  • Jeroen Kerkhof
  • Machteld Beukers
  • Margit Meesters
  • Ridgie Cools
  • Steven Lee Dias Morais

Technical Information

  • Engine: Unity 5 Engine
  • Code languages: C#
  • Platform: Windows
  • Duration: 6 months of development time